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Banned : A Social Media Trial

Banned : A Social Media Trial

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A social media trial can break you. There were 100,000 tweets of abuse for days on end, all premised on a set of untruths pushed by someone huge- ly powerful because he had played for the national team. Against the en- titled, I never stood a chance. The online trial forced me and the fam- ily to draw on every last bit of inner strength, and yet left permanent scars.
Having served the ban, I wanted clo- sure in the form of this book. But no one knows better that there will never be a full stop. I will not get back the two years of opportunities that I lost, or the days and evenings when I was almost a stranger to my daughter. For two years, my wife and I never had a quiet dinner where we could just relax. There was not one evening when we didn't discuss the issue and the book. Which outsider can quantify the impact it had on the men- tal health of my family? On my wife, my mother, my sister and my daughter? I be- came cynical about a number of things, and it will be tough to change that.
Writing this book and putting the truth out there has drained and exhaust- ed me. The truth is that the false- hoods piled up against me, ratified by all-knowing social media trolls, changed my life and that of my fam- ily. There is no going back to what we were. This was our Long Covid.


Banned : A Social Media Trial

Author: Boria Majumdar

Publisher : Simon & Schuster

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